Gold Service Contract for
Electric Trucks

With the Gold Service Contract for electric trucks you can make the transition to electric with peace of mind. The Gold Service Contract for electric trucks covers the complete vehicle and gives you access to everything you need to minimize the risk of any unplanned stops. This includes preventive maintenance, repairs, battery replacements*.

*At Volvo Trucks we refer to this as Minimum Usable Energy (MUE). This ensures that you always have an agreed minimum battery capacity per charge, per vehicle, in accordance with specification parameters.


8 key benefits of Electric Gold Service Contract

  • Complete truck coverage keeps your truck in great condition
  • Worry-free ownership
  • Preventive maintenance tailored to your truckʼs actual usage
  • Built-in connectivity ensures the right service at the right time
  • No compromise on quality due to the use of Genuine Volvo Parts and Service
  • Volvo Action Service On-Call
  • Increased uptime
  • Fixed monthly fee and improved cost control

Genuine care

Our certified technicians only use Genuine Volvo Parts and have access to all the specialized equipment, diagnostic tools and database systems needed to keep your truck at peak performance. With a Gold Service Contract for Electric trucks you can enjoy full cost control and peace of mind. We handle all the practicalities while you enjoy a reliable and top-performing truck with a lower total cost of ownership.

Need more flexibility? Flexi-Gold delivers.

The Volvo Flexi-Gold Contract is designed to match the beat of your business. It offers the same coverage as the Volvo Gold Contract – but the usage-based payment model enables you to align your costs with your revenues, because every invoice is based on your actual driven mileage. Plus, it offers a +/-20% flexibility span for your estimated yearly mileage. And you rest assured that no mileage revision will take place at the end of the year.

Which contract is right for you?

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the answers. Drop in or give them a call to put your service plan into action.