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With Volvo Trucks’ driver support systems – you, your truck and other road users get the best protection yet.

The Stretch Brake

When you’re driving downhill on a slippery, winding road, the Stretch Brake kicks in to help prevent jack-knifing. It works by applying braking pulses to the trailer, which stretches out the vehicle combination. You can activate the Stretch Brake at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The Stretch Brake is available for both rigid trucks and tractors.

Downhill cruise control

Are your routes so hilly you need to use the brake pedal to lower your speed downhill? The downhill cruise control engages the auxiliary brakes, like the engine brake and retarder, to keep the speed you’ve set on your cruise control.

Lane Keeping Assist

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist uses a camera to monitor lane markings and the truck’s position in the lane. If the truck unintentionally crosses a lane marking, the system will automatically steer the truck back to the centre of the lane. The driver will also be alerted through a vibration in the steering wheel. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

In heavy traffic, the radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control helps you keep a distance from the vehicle in front of you by controlling the accelerator and all available brakes. The stop and go function ensures it works all the way down to a full stop – just press the accelerator or the resume button to get going again. This makes the Adaptive Cruise Control a helpful function in busy traffic and traffic jams.

Distance Alert

When driving at speeds over 60 km/h and not using the Adaptive Cruise Control, the Distance Alert is activated. As you approach another vehicle in front, a visual alert is displayed on the windscreen. Distance Alert gives you a chance to slow down and maintain a distance to the vehicle ahead.

Lane Changing Support

When activated, Lane Changing Support uses radar technology to scan your passenger side for other road users. If you use your blinker and the system detects that it’s not clear to change lanes, you’re alerted with a buzzer and a flashing icon next to the passenger mirror.

Electronic Stability Control

Volvo’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) efficiently reduces the risk of skidding and rollovers. When the system detects a critical situation, it instantly kicks in, reducing engine power and applying brakes to each wheel of the truck and trailer individually.

Emergency Brake Light

If you slam on the brakes, the brake lights flash rapidly to alert the vehicles behind you – an easy way to avoid life-threatening rear-end collisions.

Collision Warning with Emergency Brake

If a risk of impact is detected, our intuitive Collision Warning system alerts you by projecting a light onto your windscreen. And the Emergency Brake automatically activates, significantly reducing the risk of severe injuries.

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