Volvo FMX. Our toughest construction truck.

The Volvo FMX is a tough construction truck, loaded with technology that makes the most demanding assignments easier. Electric or diesel powertrains, a driven front axle, generous ground clearance and axles to carry heavy loads. This truck is made to take you where others can’t, whether there’s a road or not.

Built for real construction work

Tailor your Volvo FMX to manage your challenges with ease. The rigid truck chassis comes with features made to boost your uptime and your productivity whether you drive on- or off-road. Take a closer look at our chassis options in the image gallery below.

Driven front axle

Get your Volvo FMX with a driven front axle for maximum traction. The Automatic Traction Control ensures it’s engaged only when you need it. And disengages it when you don’t.

300 mm ground clearance

The rear air suspension, purpose-built for construction trucks, offers unbeatable comfort and traction combined with 300 mm ground clearance.

38-tonne bogie

Boost your productivity with a durable solution. Our heavy-duty bogie takes up to 38 tonnes with ease. A perfect match for the Volvo FMX.

Tailor your construction truck

A robust exterior made to stand tough use. An iconic heavy-duty bumper, made from 3 mm high-grade steel, there to shield your front from dents and broken headlights in any terrain. Axles that carry your loads and provide traction. A broad range of electric and diesel powertrains helps you to tailor the Volvo FMX for your needs.

Power control with I-Shift

I-Shift offers a range of automatic transmissions that helps you get the best out of your powertrain to make the most of your energy. Choose crawler gears and tailored software for extreme startability. One-pedal driving is available when taking on tough terrain and shifting between forward and reverse. I-Shift will make every day easier when conditions are tough.

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Steady with Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering helps you maneuver steadily and precisely with less effort. It filters out bumps, jerks and twists to take the strain off your shoulders. The system adds functions to the driver support systems to improve safety and productivity. On top of it all, Volvo Dynamic Steering enables External Steering that lets you drive your truck with a remote control to improve productivity.

About Volvo Dynamic Steering 

Ready for hard work

The Volvo FMX is an efficient tool for professionals. A chassis that’s easy to tailor to your needs. Features that make tough tasks easier and let you make the most out of what you put in. Click on the image gallery to find out more about working with the Volvo FMX.

Prepared for bodybuilding

The Volvo FMX chassis is ready for your application. The range of choices and specification options makes tailoring the truck to your exact requirements easy.

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Work Remote

Stay in charge of bodywork functions, work lights, door locks and more while working around your truck. The Work Remote extends your reach outside the cab.

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Load indicator for control

Utilize your truck and stay within the limits. The driver display load indicator lets you monitor the load on each axle in real time.

Dive deeper into the Volvo FMX specifications 

Cab options

The Volvo FMX cab is your shelter in harsh environments and it comes with a range of cab models to suit your needs. Choose between Camera Monitor System and side mirrors. Take a closer look at your options below.

    Day cab

    The Volvo FMX with the day cab offers a safe, comfortable and ergonomic driver environment. The cab length is optimized to maximize the length of the load carrier.

    Low day cab

    The Volvo FMX with the low day cab offers a comfortable and ergonomic driver environment with a high level of safety. This is a good choice when the superstructure needs space above the cab or the operating environment limits the vehicle height.

    Sleeper cab

    The Volvo FMX with the sleeper cab combines excellent driving comfort, safety and comfortable overnight accommodation for one person and limited standing height.

    Low sleeper cab

    The Volvo FMX with the low sleeper cab combines excellent driving comfort, safety, comfortable overnight accommodation for one person and limited standing height. It’s a perfect match when a superstructure needs space on top of the cab.

    Globetrotter cab

    The Volvo FMX with the Globetrotter cab combines safety with excellent driving and living comfort for up to two people. It offers lots of storages and full standing height on the floor.

    Crew cab

    The Volvo FMX with crew cab can accommodate a crew of up to nine in total. It’s designed for safe and quick entry and exit.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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