Volvo Selected Used Trucks

Volvo Selected is high-quality trucks that are safe, proven and characterised by good service history.

A Volvo Selected truck is always less than three years old and comes with limited mileage. It has been  meticulously inspected to secure the same built-in performance as a brand new truck, so you can rest assured that it’s a wise choice on the used truck market. To make it an even safer purchase, Volvo Selected offers optional maintenance contracts to ensure uptime. In essence the vehicle will be in peak condition when you take ownership and ready to deliver trusted service for many years.

More uptime with our driveline warranty

Volvo Selected includes a 6 month, 90 000km driveline warranty. The driveline warranty covers failures on engine, cooling system, transmission and drive units. Warranty only applicable if serviced at an approved Volvo Trucks dealer.


Volvo Selected

Features of a Volvo Selected Used truck

This is Volvo Selected

        • Under 36 months old                                                                                            • Less than 500 000km

        • 6 Month Volvo Driveline Warranty                                                                         • Optional maintenance contract

        • Next due service Completed                                                                                 • 80 point pre delivery inspection

        • Full cosmetic check                                                                                              • All tyres minimum 7mm

        • Spare wheel                                                                                                         • Spare key

        • Full service history                                                                                               • Professional valet

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