Safety in every direction

Driver support systems by Volvo Trucks

Safety is built into Volvo Trucks’ brand heritage and is a central part of our identity. We approach safety from different perspectives, inside as well as outside the truck, to move towards our vision of zero accidents. Now we introduce a range of new and updated active safety systems in our trucks that protect both drivers and other road users. It’s time to level up in road safety!

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Extra eyes around the truck

Vulnerable road users can appear out of nowhere and be hard to detect. Features that alert truck drivers about other road users can make a big impact on safety.

Front Short Range Assist alerts the driver about road users in close-proximity in front of the truck.

Door Opening Warning alerts the driver about road users in the risk areas at the side of the truck when opening the cab doors.

Side Collision Avoidance Support alerts the driver when attempting to turn or change lanes when other road users are detected at the side of the truck.

7 ways to improve safety

Driving can be stressful – requiring fast decisions and the right support at the right moment. Here are eight new or updated support systems that are there to help drivers taking road safety to the next level. Designed to be easy to use and there when needed. Check them out.

Prepare for the future. Learn more about our safety features.

Download info sheets Format PDF Size 1017 KB

Ready for the next level?

Your local dealer can help you get the most out of the safety news in your operation.

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