I-See saves fuel by optimizing your speed, gear changes and coasting to the topography, curves, roundabouts and speed limits ahead. It means you can use cruise control in more driving situations than ever before to save fuel and reduce your CO2 footprint from day one.

Save energy by adapting to your routes

Skilled drivers have always adapted speed and gear changes to the route ahead. But to do it perfectly and consistently all of the time is virtually impossible. I-See helps you do that as soon as you activate the cruise control.

Hills, curves and speed limits

I-See optimizes your gear changes and speed to the route. When driving with the cruise control activated, I-See adapts to the topography to use your truck’s kinetic energy efficiently. When approaching a curve or roundabout, I-See adjusts the speed so you can pass in the most energy-efficient way. It also adapts to upcoming speed limits automatically.

More than highway driving

Since I-See adapts to topography, curves and speed limits, it can be used on almost any type of public road and not only on highways. The more you use it, the less unnecessary gear changes, braking and acceleration.

Based on the latest maps

I-See uses high-resolution commercial maps with info about topography, curvature and speed limits – and they are automatically updated to the truck.

How I-See works the hills

Going uphill

I-See knows a hill is ahead. The truck accelerates and remains longer in higher gear.

Avoiding needless gear changes, I-See makes your uphill climb smooth and fuel-efficient.

When the downhill is approaching, I-See stops accelerating unnecessarily.

Going downhill

To save energy, I-See temporarily disengages the powertrain or engine brakes to coast before a slope.

After the slope

I-See knows where one slope ends and where the next begins. If you’re about to go uphill, I-See lets the truck coast to build speed and momentum.

Managing curves and roundabouts

When the truck approaches a curve or roundabout that requires a lower speed to pass safely, I-See adapts gear selection and speed in advance so that the driver doesn’t have to use the brake pedal. After exiting the section, I-See adjusts to the speed limit in the most efficient way.

Managing speed limits

When approaching a position where the speed limit changes, I-See adapts gear selection and speed in the most energy-efficient way. It helps you avoid unnecessary braking or fast acceleration.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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