Remote diagnostics and maintenance when you need it


  • Maximum uptime promise
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • Service plan adapted to your needs
  • Maintenance only when required
  • Fast repairs, workshop ready when you arrive
  • VAS On-Call
  • Optimal residual value
Plan ahead for real advantages


  • Maximum uptime and usage
  • Truck repairs included
  • Optimal residual value
  • Costs are known for years to come
  • Preventative maintenance and service plan
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Your truck is always in top condition

Our service contracts – the details

  1000x1000-service-gold-contract-gold.jpg 1000x1000-service-gold-contract-gold.jpg 1000x1000-service-gold-contract-silver.jpg 1000x1000-service-gold-contract-blue.jpg
Contract features GOLD – FH/FH16/FM GOLD – FE/FL SILVER BLUE
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Service plan
Driveline repairs  
All truck repairs    
Remote workshop
Remote diagnostics
and maintenance
Courtesy truck or
financial compensation
Maximum uptime
Volvo Action
Service On-Call

Find your perfect contract

Call or visit your Volvo Trucks dealer – they’ll talk you through the options, and find the best contract for your needs.

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