Company Card Hosting 

No need to worry about missing a legally required download of driver tachograph data. With Company Card Hosting, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your company card is always online when you need it, securely hosted at Volvo Trucksʼ facilities. You can access your data and files from anywhere and at any time in Volvo Connect. 

Key benefits

Keep your company card securely online.

Never miss a legally required download.

Access your data 24/7 in Volvo Connect. 

Learn more about Company Card Hosting below. You can also visit Volvo Connect Marketplace or contact your dealer for more information.

A convenient way to ensure compliance

European and national laws place strict requirements on the management of driving and resting times. This means that information from the tachograph memory and driver cards must be downloaded periodically and stored according to certain specifications. A company card locks the data uniquely to your organization and is necessary to authorize the downloads.

The Driver Times service in Volvo Connect lets you remotely download driver card and tachograph memory data directly to your office. Company Card Hosting is a supplementary service that lets you store your company card securely at our facilities, so it is always available to ensure compliance.

Access your data from anywhere

With Company Card Hosting, your company card is always online – a prerequisite for enabling automated remote downloads. You can access your data and files from anywhere and at anytime in Volvo Connect. The files are saved in Volvo Connect for five years and can easily be exported or forwarded to third party analysis software.

No maintenance required

Company Card Hosting gives you the flexibility to access your files after the daily downloads without requiring the company card to be hosted on your server. This reduces manual administration and ensures maximum data security.

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