Fleet manager in control

Vehicle Status

Get in full control of the status on the vehicles in your fleet. Dynafleet Vehicle Status service lets you get both an overview and more detailed information of your trucks’ conditions no matter where they are. It facilitates both short and long-term vehicle management and puts you in control of your uptime.

The fleet overview

Dynafleet collects and compiles warnings and alarms from your vehicles’ instrument clusters. The Vehicle Status overview presents the number of warnings and alarms in your fleet and the option to look at individual vehicles.

Get into the dashboard

Look closer at warnings and alarms on operational data down to instrument cluster level on individual vehicles. Here, you can get detailed info about warnings like light malfunction, fuel level, brake pad wear and oil pressure. All events are logged including parameters like time of occurrence, position, driver data, engine hour to facilitate deeper analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Warnings and alarms from the instrument cluster of the vehicles in your fleet.
  • Instrument cluster information such as light malfunction, oil pressure or worn brake pads and more.
  • All Vehicle Status events include time of occurrence, position, driver name, odometer and engine hours.
  • Notifications of Vehicle Status events in real time.

Get in control

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can help you get in control of your trucks and discover the full benefits of the Vehicle Status service.