Volvo action service

Uptime is just a call away

No matter where you are – or if it’s in the middle of the night – we are always ready to help you. Need assistance to stay on schedule? No worries! Our International Uptime Centre is just a call away.

What's included?

Assistance 24/7

You can always count on the support of our Volvo Action Service team of experienced Uptime Coordinators, skilled technicians and the extensive Volvo Trucks dealer network. Together they’ll make sure to keep you on the road at all times. Knowing our products and service methods in-depth and using only Genuine Volvo Parts, our technicians also ensure that your Volvo stays a Volvo.


If the vehicle can no longer be driven, our Uptime Coordinator will organise towing to the nearest suitable Volvo Trucks workshop.

Certified Volvo technicians

Our technicians are continuously trained on new products, service methods and equipment, so you’re in skilled hands.

How does it work?

VAS button

1. Contact us

Country Telephone Country Telephone
South Africa +27860 112 212 Outside SA boarders +2711 018 9200
VAS Uptime Center

2. You reach our uptime centre

You will be connected to one of our Uptime Coordinators.  Our Uptime Coordinators will manage your case until its closed and will keep you informed about its progress along the way.

Helping you out

3. We arrange assistance

Our Uptime Coordinators will make sure a qualified service technician comes to help you. If assistance is not possible or allowed where you are located, a service appointment will be scheduled or towing will be arranged to the nearest suitable Volvo Trucks workshop.

Problem solved

4. Back on the road

You’ll be back on the road before you know it – with your financial control preserved. Our International Uptime Centre will always validate your assistance coverage and service contract before any action is taken. 

Volvo Action Service phone numbers

Country Telephone Country Telephone
South Africa +27860 112 212 Outside SA boarders +2711 018 9200

Get moving

To find out what makes Volvo Action Service so effective, connect with your local Volvo Trucks dealer.

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