Track and compare fuel efficiency

Driver rankings – a great incentive

The Dynafleet app ranks your drivers based on their total fuel efficiency score. So you’ll know who needs fuel efficiency training. Drivers can also track their own score, and compare it with others. This makes them more fuel-efficient when they’re on the road – saving you money and lowering CO2.

Free download

Free download

Dynafleet users can download the app for free to their smartphone or tablet. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and use your Dynafleet login to get started.

Easy to get started

  • Log in as administrator in the Dynafleet portal
  • Register your drivers and provide them with a login
  • Assign type of usage to your trucks: distribution, construction or long haul
  • The figures presented in the app are now measured based on the type of transport you have assigned to the vehicle

Dynafleet in iTunes
Dynafleet in Google play


Test drive the app

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can show you Dynafleet on a range of devices. And can answer any questions you have about our fleet management system.

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