1 Volvo Truck, 1 Driver and 2 Million Kilometers

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One Volvo truck with one driver, travelling over 2 million kilometres in nine years. This milestone was recently achieved by Volvo Trucks' customer NJ Geldenhuys Vervoer.
NJ Geldenhuys and driver Kosie Fredericks with the Volvo FH 440 that has clocked 2 million kilometers
NJ Geldenhuys and driver Kosie Fredericks with the Volvo FH 440 that has clocked 2 million trouble free kilometers.

Kosie Fredericks has been a driver for NJ Geldenhuys Vervoer, a South African transport company located in Ceres, for more than 20 years. It is in part thanks to his efficient and safe driving, that this memorable milestone was achieved. The company’s Volvo FH 440 Globetrotter has reached this milestone with, amongst others, its original engine, gearbox and diff intact, and delivering a fuel consumption average of 2.69 km/l while pulling a triaxle refrigerated trailer.


“This proud achievement is a story of quality; a quality truck, receiving quality maintenance and operated by a top-quality driver,” said Waldemar Christensen, MD of Volvo Trucks South Africa.  “Quality is the basis of everything we do. From the way we design, manufacture and test our trucks, to the services, parts and people who support them. We are always looking for ways to take our transport solutions to an even higher level of performance.”


NJ Geldenhuys Vervoer was started in 1984 by Annes Geldenhuys at the age of 23 with one truck which he operated as an owner-driver. In 2002, Geldenhuys decided to buy his first Volvo Truck, and today, the company runs 18 Volvo Trucks for long-haul transport.


“It is the quality of the vehicles and support that keeps me buying and operating Volvo Trucks,” said Annes Geldenhuys. “With the support and advice from our local Volvo Trucks dealer, we have also been able to secure good quality used trucks, which all come with a full service history and prove their worth repeatedly.”


Fredericks said that the Volvo FH has been a true driver’s truck over the years. “With the many hours I spend on the road, the truck has become an extension of me. It helps me to drive comfortably, efficiently and safely, so the work gets done faster and more effectively,” said Fredericks.


Trucks that are popular with drivers also make it easier to recruit the best drivers in the industry. In turn, because of their effectiveness, they contribute to transport operators’ profitability


“Volvo Trucks owners form part of an entire ecosystem of support which includes servicing, workshops, intelligent services, driver training and much more. When you invest in a Volvo Truck, you're investing in a complete transport solution,” said Christensen.



June 2022