Time Link Cargo Leading the Way with first Volvo FH16 750 in SA

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Time Link Cargo has taken ownership of the first new Volvo Trucks FH16 750 Euro 5 delivered in South Africa. The company already has 40 Volvo Trucks in their fleet. The new vehicle was presented to Time Link Cargo in Durban by the visiting president of Volvo Trucks, Roger Alm, and Per-Erik Lindström, senior vice-president of Volvo Trucks International.
Time Link Cargo Volvo FH16 750 handover
President of Volvo Trucks Roger Alm handsover the first Volvo FH16 750 to Managing Director of Time Link Cargo Kamal Mitoo.

“South Africa is important for Volvo Trucks for many reasons. We have been here for more than 20 years and have built a strong position in South Africa,” said Alm. “During our visit, we have been talking to our people, our customers, and our dealers. The feedback we are receiving from our customers regarding our performance and our trucks is very positive, which is great to hear. We will continue building on this.”

Lindström said that “it is a fantastic to deliver the first FH16 750 to our partner, Time Link. This is a proud moment for all of us here, and for Volvo Trucks South Africa. This is a fantastic truck, our top model. It is the king on the road.”

Time Link Cargo, established in 2003 and headquartered in Cape Town, employs more than five hundred staff, and specialises in the transport of FMCG and related materials across the country.

“We have chosen Volvo Trucks for several reasons, ranging from the cost of ownership and cost per kilometre of the operation, as well as driver and fleet safety,” said Kamal Mitoo, managing director of Time Link Cargo. “Our relationship with Volvo Trucks is seamless, which allows us to focus on the growth of our business. Open and honest communication with the OEM and its dealers is a top priority for us when choosing a transport partner.”

Mitoo attributes the Time Link Cargo’s success to its ability to adapt to the requirements of their clients, and not just being a supplier but a true partner in business.

“Time Link Cargo is also one of the few transport companies that utilise two drivers per vehicle, allowing us to deal with urgent long-distant deliveries safely and efficiently,” said Mitoo. “Over the years we have continuously adapted during the numerous shifts in the economy, as well as the recent pandemic, by being open-minded to modern technology and innovative opportunities to reduce costs.”

One of the key factors that clinched the deal for Time Link was the passion and dedication shown by the Volvo Financial Services (VFS) team.

“Without trucks we don’t have a business. However, with that being said, it is imperative to have a partner who not just finances a truck but rather understands your business and then structures the finance around this intel. This is exactly what VFS has done for us,” explained Mitoo.

Paul Uys, managing director of Volvo Financial Services South Africa said that “As Volvo Financial Services, we found that operating leases were not sufficient for customers in the market who have seasonality needs. The Flexi Gold Lease is an alternative for customers who have ups and downs in their mileages. This assists customers to manage and plan their cashflow more efficiently.”

“Thank you for a great partnership. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship together with Time Link, and you and your family,” said Uys.

The Volvo FH16 has a 16-litre engine that puts out up to 750hp and can pull combination weights up to 325 tonnes with ease. This makes it the most powerful production truck in SA. With enhanced manoeuvrability, the latest safety technology and interactive driver support, the FH16 gives ultimate productivity for the most demanding transport tasks and local operating conditions.

“We are proud to be the first recipient of the new FH16 750 in South Africa, and it will now be the flagship unit in our fleet, said Mitoo.


20 July 2022