Volvo Trucks introduces the new Volvo FM – Designed to attract drivers with a new cab and better visibility

Volvo Trucks has launched the next-generation Volvo FM packed with improvements to the driver environment and innovations that deliver a higher level of comfort, safety and productivity.
08A3740 FM 4x2 tractor with trailer
The new Volvo FM heavy-duty truck is designed to be the ultimate workplace on wheels in all segments.

“Trucks form an integral part of our everyday life,” said Marcus Hörberg, vice president of Volvo Group Southern Africa.  “That is why, with the launch of the new Volvo FM, we are introducing a versatile working tool that is also the ultimate workspace for drivers – one of the most important assets in the transport industry.”


Spacious and with exceptional visibility, the new Volvo FM heavy duty truck is designed to be the ultimate workplace on wheels, in all segments.


The variety of available driveline and chassis configurations means the new Volvo FM can be tailored to deliver higher productivity and fuel savings in a wide range of applications.


“For every societal beat and logistical need, the new Volvo FM is a truck that will keep our world in motion,” said Hörberg.  “Around urban areas, over long distances, picking up containers in ports, navigating construction sites, maximising chemical payloads – the Volvo FM is up to any task. It’s probably our most versatile truck model.”


A mobile office built for drivers

“The new Volvo FM is the versatile work horse of our range – agile and fit to serve its purpose of being spacious, safe and comfortable for drivers,” said Eric Parry, product manager at Volvo Trucks South Africa.  “We’ve also achieved very good visibility using a lowered door line, new rearview mirrors and a passenger corner camera.”


For this to happen, the new cab has raised A-pillars that give it up to one extra cubic meter of space, and more light. It also comes with smart technology that underpins Volvo’s focus on creating the ultimate mobile office for drivers.


The interior is highlighted by a new dashboard offering more storage space, new colours and a modern dynamic display.


The cluster includes a 12-inch high-resolution instrument display with a user-friendly interface where the driver can easily see important information and select between up to four different screen views, depending on the driving situation. The instrument display, which comes ready for future updates and connected services, is designed to simplify the driver’s interactions and minimise distractions when accessing critical information.


The new Volvo FM has a 9-inch side display for infotainment, navigation support, transport information and camera monitoring. The display allows interaction in various ways: with the intuitively positioned buttons on the steering wheel, through voice control, or directly via the touchscreen and display control panel.


In addition, a new steering neck tilt option offers a more individualised and ergonomic driving position.


Living area upgraded for comfort

The new FM is both workplace and living area.


The new sleeper cab has been upgraded with a raised bed and improved storage possibilities that include a large storage compartment underneath the bed and an upper rear storage with LED light panels in the compartment dividers.  The raised bed is set to a comfortable sitting height, perfect for getting work done.


To move from the seat to the bed is easier than ever with a new slimmer, ergonomically designed I-Shift gear selector.


Cab comfort is further enhanced through reinforced insulation that helps keep out cold, heat and noise.  All the better for life on the road. 


Exterior displays bold new look

The exterior of the next generation Volvo FM has a new aerodynamic shape, with distinctive lines on the front and a single sleek character line sweeping the side of the all new cab.


In addition, the V-shaped headlamps are positioned for optimal aerodynamics, and the larger brand identity panel and upper front grille with a new mesh pattern give the truck a bold, confident look.


New automated safety features

In addition to the improved visibility for drivers, other safety advances on the new Volvo FM include Downhill Cruise Control, which sets a maximum speed to help prevent unwanted acceleration when travelling downhill, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that now works at all speeds down to zero km/h.


The Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS), which is a prerequisite for safety features such as Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control, now comes as standard on the new truck. Volvo Dynamic Steering, with the safety systems Lane Keeping Assist and Stability Assist, is also available as an option.


The Volvo FM also features a road sign recognition system displayed in the instrument display to alert the driver. The system is able to detect signs such as overtaking restrictions, road type and speed limits.


The standard passenger corner camera gives a complementary view of the side of the truck on the side display.

Fuel efficiency and productivity

Improvements to the steering angles of the tag and pusher axles give the truck exceptional manoeuvrability which can be fully utilised in, for example, heavy urban traffic.


Volvo Torque Assist is intended to reduce fuel consumption by providing more efficient driving when the cruise control is disabled in long haul operations.


These innovative functions will help drivers save fuel even when cruise control is not activated.  I-Cruise, Volvo Trucks’ intelligent cruise control, is still the best way to optimise fuel consumption, but sometimes it might not be applicable.


Volvo Torque Assist is designed to give more fuel-efficient driving by automatically adapting the truck’s torque and acceleration to the road topography, the load and speed changes. Another supporting function keeps the amount of injected fuel constant after the engine’s ‘green range’ has been passed. The slightly compromised performance is compensated by improved fuel economy.


The pedal map has also been recalibrated. A less sensitive pedal creates a smoother torque development, which, in turn, makes the truck easier to control.


The software also gives a more significant result with heavy loads, many slope changes or large speed variations, while drivers transporting lighter loads with constant speed on flat roads will save less fuel.


Facts about the new Volvo FM

  • Cabs: Day cab, Low day cab, Low sleeper cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Crew cab. Exterior and interior trim packages for individual design.
  • Engines: Diesel engines are available with different emissions standards. The D11A is available  in 330 hp/ 1650Nm and 370 hp/ 1770Nm, and the D13A is available  in 400 hp/ 2000Nm, 440 hp/ 2200Nm, and 480 hp/ 2400Nm.
  • Euro 5 variants locally available on special request.
  • Gear changing system: I-Shift with software package for different areas of application.
  • Lights: Halogen or LED headlamps.


“The Volvo FM can be tailored for fleet owners’ specific operational needs,” said Parry.  “Six cab sizes, a choice between two, three or four axles, various chassis heights and powertrains with different fuel alternatives, the new Volvo FM is the epitome of flexibility. 



January 2021


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