Volvo Trucks introduces the new Volvo FH16 – Combining comfort with power, for superior productivity

Volvo Trucks’ new generation Volvo FH16 is geared to give customers enhanced productivity. It achieves this through a combination of new safety features, a driver-centric working environment and innovative technologies.
Volvo Trucks introducerer den nye Volvo FH16
“The Volvo FH16 can handle all the most demanding applications and, at the same time, give customers and drivers the best of everything,” declares Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

“Our new flagship Volvo FH16 is a genuine premium product that can handle the most demanding applications and local operating conditions, while giving customers and drivers the best of everything,” stated Marcus Hörberg, vice-president of Volvo Group Southern Africa.  “It makes no compromises between power and fuel efficiency, comfort and style.”


The Volvo FH16 delivers everything one expects from a Volvo truck and more, thereby solidifying Volvo Trucks’ position as the brand of choice for heavy, demanding long-haul operations.


Bold Exterior Reflects Intelligent Technology

The exterior of the new truck is characterised by V-shaped headlamps that also represent the intelligent technology the trucks are built upon. The strong heritage of the Volvo FH16 is enhanced with the waterfall themed grille, while the headlamp panels have been repositioned slightly outwards to give the vehicle both improved aerodynamics and a confident stance.


“In the new Volvo FH16, the model’s most iconic design elements from earlier generations have been enhanced,” said Eric Parry, product manager of Volvo Trucks South Africa.  “With the new high-tech headlights, for example, we have taken our strong light identity to the next level, while the entire front of the truck has been reworked to convey a more powerful impression.”


The new bolder exterior of the Volvo FH16 reflects the fact that this truck is more connected and smarter than ever before.


An updated, human centric driver environment

The interior of the new Volvo FH16 has been designed specifically with drivers in mind, and updated with new accent colours and quality trim.

The upgraded dashboard includes practical new storage spaces and a fully digital 12-inch high resolution instrument display. The driver can select between four different screen views, depending on the driving situation and information they would wish to have displayed.


The driver’s area will also be equipped with a 9-inch side display that provides infotainment, navigation assistance, transport information and camera monitoring. The display is easily accessible from the driver’s position. Interaction can be done in several ways: with the intuitively positioned buttons on the steering wheel, through voice control, or directly via the touchscreen and display control panel.


For modern life on the road, the FH16 has three USB connections; two next to the instrument cluster and one on the driver’s side of the centre section. 


In the new trucks, the I-Shift gear selector has been redesigned to a premium standard and includes illuminated gear selection symbols and new drive modes for optimised performance. It also allows the driver to more easily move around the spatious cabin, when the vehicle is stationary. 


Improved manoeuvrability and productivity

Increased front-axle load capacity, and tag and pusher axles with better steering angles, improve both the manoeuvrability and productivity of the new Volvo FH16.


A new 38-tonne bogie is also available for especially demanding operations.


Improved safety for all road users

The new Volvo FH16 features adaptive high beam headlamps that improve safety for all road users by automatically disabling selected segments of the LED high beam when the truck approaches oncoming traffic or another vehicle from behind.


Safety, which part of of Volvo Trucks’ DNA, is further improved with Downhill Cruise Control, which sets a maximum speed to help prevent unwanted acceleration when travelling downhill, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that now works at all speeds even down to a standstill.


The Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS), which is a prerequisite for safety features such as Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control, now comes as standard on the new truck. Volvo Dynamic Steering, with the safety systems Lane Keeping Assist and Stability Assist, will be standard on certain models and also be available as an option.


Visibility is further improved further by the addition of a camera on the passenger side that provides a complementary view of the side of the truck on the side display. This feature is standard on all models.


The perfect combination for demanding tasks

By combining a powerful 16-litre engine of up to 700 hp, with improved manoeuvrability, the latest safety technology and greater driver support, the new Volvo FH16 gives superior productivity for the most demanding transport tasks.


Facts about the new Volvo FH16

  • Cabs: Low sleeper cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab and Globetrotter XL. Exterior and interior trim packages for individual design.
  • Engines: Diesel engines are available with different emissions standards. The D16C Euro 3 is available with 550 hp/2500 Nm and 610 hp/2800 Nm.
  • D16G700 Euro 5 diesel engines are also available on request.
  • Gear changing system: I-Shift with software packages for different areas of application.



More uptime

“We know that uptime is more critical than ever, so we offer the support that fleet owners require in these demanding times,” said Hörberg. 


This includes real time, around-the-clock monitoring.  It allows Volvo Trucks to detect, diagnose and treat faults before they become problems. 


“This is how fleet owners do more,” said Hörberg.  “This is a new chapter in the world of transport.”



January 2021


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