Volvo Trucks shining a bright light after 20 years in South Africa

It is a reality that our Volvo Trucks workshops generate waste from servicing customer vehicles - keeping them safe and in good running order. Pioneering environmental care is one of our core values, and with this, we are committed to finding innovative ways to responsibly discard such parts and hazardous waste, through a professional waste management service.
The TRuK light by Stephen Pikus designs.

Recycling, upcycling, and remanufacturing end-of-life parts and trucks, has become an essential part of our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and also, create opportunities to drive prosperity within society.


In celebration of Volvo Trucks’ 20th anniversary in South Africa and in collaboration with PandaGreen Solutions, and famed designer, Stephen Pikus, the beautiful TRuK lamp was born - transforming old waste truck filters into spectacular decorative items, to read more, CLICK HERE.


“This lamp symbolically represents the amazing light our staff has shed during this rather daunting year - pouring great value into every interaction with customers and delivering outstanding service amidst the global pandemic,” said Marcus Hörberg, Vice President of Volvo Group Southern Africa. “It is representative of our mission to minimizing our impact on the environment and investing in projects that share our vision for a sustainable future in South Africa.”


Going forward, these items will be available in the Volvo Trucks merchandise store, making it the perfect corporate gift.


“We have permanent and temporary staff working on various stages of the production of the air filter lamp project, including YES candidates, forming part of the government’s Youth Employment Service project, says Stephen Pikus, Designer and Owner of Stephen Pikus Designs. “We teach them valuable skills that we trust, will set them up for future employment and development opportunities.”


“It is encouraging to see something that initially was a waste by-product generated by the business, given a second life to become a useful and beautiful object that we can be proud of. Transforming waste into something wow. So, apart from recycling the business’ waste, we will continue to explore new ways of re-purposing what we can, to close our environmental impact circle, and to uplift the community. Every part of our process is scrutinized to reduce climate and environmental impact; from our factory, including our dealers and suppliers. We believe in sustainable transport solutions, and we are confident that our trucks, services, and operations will lead the way”, says Marcus. 


Volvo Trucks has had a recycling strategy in place for decades, currently, about 90% of a Volvo truck is recycled or reused through various processes. Since the 1970s, the company has also reduced the emission of air pollutants from its trucks by up to 90%.


Happy anniversary Volvo Trucks South Africa, may we celebrate many more!

Valentia Hobbs
Director Marketing and Corporate Affairs
Tel: +27 11 842 5000

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