Volvo Dynamic Steering reduces strain on the driver’s neck, back and shoulders - by up to 85%

Volvo Dynamic Steering

It’s revolutionised driving. Train-like stability at high speed. Effortless control at low speed. And perfect precision in reverse. Volvo Dynamic Steering increases the steering force by up to 85% - dramatically reducing the strain on your neck, back and shoulders.

Volvo Dynamic Steering
Volvo Dynamic Steering

I-Shift – the world’s smartest gearbox

Simple, reliable and super efficient, I-Shift has transformed trucking. Drivers love it because there’s no heavy clutch, no lever to wrestle and every gear change is perfectly timed. It also saves up to 5% fuel, so operators love it too.

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New Volvo FM means higher payloads

A lot of trucks have put on weight. Not this one. Our weight optimisation programme has stripped 75 kilograms from the Volvo FM – without compromising anything, as the programme is tailored to the application of each truck.

When the Gross Vehicle Weight of a truck is approaching 18 tonnes, one extra kilo on the tractor takes three kilos off the payload, due to counterbalance. This means the Volvo FM’s weight loss is worth three times more payload potential – an additional 225 kilograms. Making you more productive. And each run more profitable.

The perfect driver environment of the new Volvo FM

The perfect environment – to work and rest

From the moment you climb into the Volvo FM (using the extra low entry step) to the moment you clock off, everything has been designed to make you more productive on the road. And more comfortable at the end of the day.

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Dynafleet helps with maximising productivity

Dynafleet – maximise your productivity

Locations, loads and levels. Driver times. Emission reports. Fuel consumption. Dynafleet gives you real-time data on every truck you own – helping you maximise productivity and make more profitable decisions.

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