The entire suspension has been revised and fine-tuned. Everything’s been replaced, upgraded or enhanced to improve the handling.

Niklas Fröjd

Vehicle Dynamics Expert, Volvo Trucks

Volvo FM with improved steering stability

Steady as a train

Redesigning the geometry of the front leaf suspension reduces roll forces and dramatically improves steering stability, giving you an enhanced feeling of control in any situation. The improved front suspension also reduces the amount of course correction required – so the truck follows your lead on the motorway and around tightest bends.

Volvo FM with reduced oversteering

Controlling forces

We’ve transformed the rear air suspension, too. The Volvo-patented design features stabilisers in front of the axle that prevent unwanted road forces transferring to the frame. The design also stops forces from the trailer causing the truck to oversteer when entering a bend. 

Volvo FM, the epic split

Volvo Dynamic Steering

The biggest thing since power steering. Volvo Dynamic Steering uses ‘torque overlay’ to correct unintentional steering movements and to provide extra torque when needed. The result is perfect stability at high speed, total control and low speed and dramatically reduced strain on your muscles.


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