The Volvo FH has secured your profitability since 1993. That’s just the start

Ever since its launch twenty-five years ago, the Volvo FH has set new standards in trucking. Not the least when it comes to productivity and profitability for your business. To celebrate this, you all get a gift—a promise that the Volvo FH will keep driving progress. This means an even more outstanding uptime, new and groundbreaking safety thinking and solutions that speed up the race towards zero emissions.

A driver’s dream from day one. That will never change

Drivers are the real heroes of trucking. And, the Volvo FH has always been designed to give them safe, ergonomic and comfortable workplaces. We know that our innovations have changed drivers’ everyday lives to the better and there’s more to come. Because, while we’ll keep improving trucking, one thing will always remain the same — the Volvo FH is a driver’s dream.

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At work for the success of Volvo FH

25 years ago, the first Volvo FH rolled off the production line at Tuve factory. Many Volvo FH trucks have been built since, and many more will be. Catch a glimpse of the factories and meet employees from around the world part of the FH journey, some of them were even around at the time it all started.

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Generations meet at the Skövde engine plant

In 1993, when the first Volvo FH was launched, Daniel had worked at the assembly line in Skövde for a few years. At the same point in time, Nesma was not even born. Today, they are colleagues and work hard every day to deliver the core of the Volvo FH - the engine. 


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A group of people together with Volvo FH

25 Greetings from employees all over the world

Volvo FH has been a part of the Volvo Trucks family since 1993. And it’s the people who continue developing, designing and building the Volvo FH - without them the champion truck as we know it would not exist. Meet Shilpa from India, an Associate Mechanical Engineer, and other proud employees around the globe that work with the Volvo FH in one way or the other with the great passion in common.

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Volvo FH Trucks in a row

Putting Volvo FH to the test handling abnormal loads

Mark Farrow started MDF Transport together with his father. Today, Mark operates the company based in Great Yarmouth, England. The fleets consist of only Volvo trucks, which Mark thinks is a strong contributor for the business’ success. Meet the team at MDF Transport. 

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