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South Africa has been badly affected by drought and nobody more so than our country’s farmers.  Volvo Trucks decided to help out by donating three trucks with trailers to assist in the distribution of feed to farms in drought-stricken areas.

In just over a year, the three trucks (Boertjie, Lady and Boytjie) drove 443 557km and transported 3 465 tons of feed (that’s over 11 000 hay bales). The project cost Volvo Trucks over R3 million, and the passionate drivers put in lots of voluntary overtime to get feed to all the livestock in need.

The facilitation of the deliveries to over 1200 farmers in various sectors that have been affected by the drought was done through Boere In Nood a non-profit organisation that was established in 2015. 


Volvo Trucks not only offered the three trucks but also provided drivers to the vehicles that would travel around South Africa. The truck drivers were often the unspoken heroes of the day as they faced some harsh words and life threatening situations in lieu of the good work that they were doing.


“We are proud of our association and the impact that we have been able to make through this collaboration with Boere in Nood. The work may be far from over, however, it is a privilege to have been able to make a real difference to the people affected, as well as the animals whose lives were saved from the deliveries of the feed” concludes Volvo Trucks spokesperson. 


FACTS about the Volvo Trucks Boere in Nood project:

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