Fuelwatch Challenge 2017 symbol with campaign decorative element.

This is how it works

Driving Progress is the philosophy that guides this programme. Volvo Trucks equip drivers with the best possible prerequisites to improve their fuel-efficient driving techniques and thereby the ability to excel in their profession and make a positive impact on both their businesses and the environment.

Contestants will drive a pre-selected Volvo truck* with I-Shift on a pre-defined route. They are accompanied by a Volvo Driver Trainer, who provides guidance along the way.

The winner is determined by a combination of safe driving, low fuel consumption and completing the route within an allotted time.

Fuel consumption is measured by Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks’ fleet management system, which captures information on truck performance and driving behaviour. Time is taken by a referee. The time starts when the engine is turned on and is measured until the engine is turned off.

How can you compete?

Only drivers currently utilizing our Dynafleet fleet management system will qualify to compete in the Fuelwatch Challenge, so speak to your employer as only the 10 best performing drivers in South Africa will be selected to compete.*

* Truck to be selected by Volvo Trucks. T & C's Apply